Apr 20 - 21 2018


  • Eman Onsy
    Eman Onsy
    Director & Co-founder of EGYCEFT

    Eman Onsy is one of EGYCEFT founders and the chair of Family and Couples Section of Egyptian Association for Group Therapies (EAGT). Onsy is an individual & couples counselor, and a group therapist. She got her Masters degree in counseling psychology from the American university in Cairo (AUC) in 2013. However, Onsy has started her career in marital relationships in 2006, where she was responsible for preparing materials for courses about marital relationships in a development organization. Afterwards, she worked on co-founding a portal in 2009 focused on publishing articles about marriage from different perspectives. Since 2013, Onsy practices couples counseling from the Emotional Focused Couples Therapy approach (EFT). In the past few years, Onsy has been able to build a network for EFT in Egypt and supported EAGT family and couples section to grow. She has helped to bring ICEEFT (EFT diploma) training to Egypt and has supported having Egyptian EFT candidates who finished externship and core skills. Currently, she gets EFT supervision with Rebecca Jorgensen (Certified EFT Supervisor).

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